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Servants of your manuscript

The Write Knights NobilityWriting Program​​
(It's free!)

The Write Knights Nobility Writing Program 

(For those who like to suffer)

Fall 2018

 What disqualifies at least 90% of writers from reaching success? Surprise! It's a lack of writing. There are two kinds of people in life--peasants and nobles--with only one thing differentiating them. 

Peasants struggle with writing because they are slaves to chemicals in their brains that dislike change and discomfort.

Nobles have mastered their inner chemistry. When they face internal resistence to write, they overcome it. 

Which kind of person are you? If you're a peasant, don't despair. There's just one hurdle standing in your way. That hurdle is suffering. It's unpleasant; It's torture; It downright sucks. 

Embrace it.

You can't do something once and expect everything to change when everything you've been doing in life up to this point has been leading you on a path away from writing. 

It's only once you've incorporated the act of writing (suffering) into your subconscious, that you'll finally get beyond endlessly rewriting the first few paragraphs of your story and finally finish it.

In the Nobility Writing Program, we put as much emphasis on being able to write as we do on how to write. Each course will have affirmations, inspiration, and lessons to keep you on your path to nobility.  

Each course also features:

  • Extensive written lessons that cover the subject in painful detail

  • Audio tracks and videos to help comprehension and prevent monotony

  • Constant review of material to ensure you retain what you've learned

  • Challenging and fun exercises guaranteed to improve your writing 

And we promise, no quotes from Shakespeare. Yep, not a one. 

Times have changed. It's no longer guaranteed that if you work hard you'll succeed. Your competition is bigger and smarter than they were a decade ago. They have much more information available to them. Not all of them are even human anymore (robots are writing articles...and winning prizes). 

But you've found this program--one of the most comprehensive, in-depth writing programs in the world--which means you have an edge. 

The Write Knights Nobility Writing Program is free to anyone who wants to challenge themselves.

It's almost identical in content to the certificate program.

To earn your certificate, however, you must pass grueling tests for each course (as well as a massive final exam).

You'll also be assigned a knight who will personally review and grade all of your writing assignments/exams and will be available throughout the program should you find yourself wanting to talk about your ideas or course content.

For both novice and professional writers, earning a Nobility Certificate can have a substantial impact on your writing and career.

But be forewarned. The course is long: expect to complete all 20 courses and pass the final exam in about 5-6 months. Those months won't be pleasant, either. We expect no more than 10% of our students will earn a Nobility Certificate, making it a hard earned professional destinction worthy of respect.

This program is intended to make you suffer. But, if you can handle this program, you can handle being a writer. 

The Inaugural Students of Nobility discounted price: 

On July 1st, 2018, price will change to standard price of $230. Pre-enroll now and save over 50%!
 (off the standard price of $230)

Only 25 students will be accepted.
Once that threshold is reached, enrollment will be closed until 2019.

Our goal is to have the program ready by Fall of 2018, although it may take longer due to the standards that we expect from ourselves. Please be patient if delays arise. You can request a 100% refund of your enrollment fee at any time before you submit your first assingment.

​​​*Courses and prices subject to change without notice

Certificate Program


1. Writing
2. Professionalism
3. Creativity 
4. Characters
5. Plot
6. Scenes
7. Style
14. Subtext​
15. Setting
16. Imagery
17. Devices
18. Rhythm
19. Verbs
20. Revising

8. Tone
9. Beginnings
10. Middles
11. Endings
12. Show and Tell
13. Dialogue