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Servants of your manuscript ​​
A Common Enemy  
We are under siege. Our enemy is so nefarious and prevalent that our very existence is threatened. It’s only a matter of time before hordes of them spill over their social media-esque borders, infecting everything in their path, possibly even finding their way into print. Print…as in a book…a thing you hold and that actually exists.

We’ve taken up arms against this threat, which goes by many names and forms. "Lit," "squad," "thirsty," "smash," and, the worst of them all--just the name sends shivers down the spines of all who hear it--"bae." It's travesties like these (and many others) that have compelled us into action. Our pens are our swords, and with them we have felled many of these beasts. Still, more take their places. We must be forever vigilant. Not until the whole civilized world is rid of these barbarous monsters will we drop our pens. The sanctity of our language will be preserved. 
Meet the top knight:
Faced with either doing manual labor or putting his English degree to work, Alex created The Write Knights. 

While most days he's glad to be writing, sometimes he can't help but wish he were digging 15-foot holes into solid rock using a rusty, old shovel instead.